Xcentric Ripper is a revolutionary excavator attachment for excavation of rock and demolition of concrete structures. It is based on a patented impact vibration accumulation technology, which enables excavation and demolition in less time, for lower cost and with minimal noise. It was developed in Spain and has been used with great success in Europe since 2009. Now it is also available in Asia!

The Xcentric Ripper combines the working principles of impact force of a hydraulic breaker with vibration and ripping power of a conventional ripper. Due to this combination of both breaking, vibration and ripping, it can yield up to five-times higher excavation rates compared to conventional hydraulic rock breakers. Xcentric Ripper is exceptionally suitable for soft to medium hard rock like limestone, sandstone and basalt, as well as reinforced concrete. Xcentric Ripper should not be confused with conventional vibro rippers as Xcentric Ripper has an accumulator which provides impact along with vibration.

Key features of the Xcentric Ripper include:
  • Up to 5X higher productivity
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Minimum noise
  • Easy operation

The Xcentric Ripper's closed energy chamber cannot be influenced or damaged from the outside by dust, water or dirt. Therefore it can work without any problem in the most severe conditions including tunnels, foundations, even under water. The Xcentric Ripper requires no greasing, no replacement of bushes, seals or any other parts. The only spare part to be replaced is the tooth.

The Xcentric Ripper range of 9 models can be mounted on all types and sizes of excavators, from 7 ton up to 140 ton weight class.

Please refer to Xcentric Ripper's website for more details: www.xcentricripper.com


Xcentric Ripper in a gritstone quarry Xcentric used under water

Vibro Ripper used in hard sand stone in Australia Xcentric ripper used for concrete demolition

Xcentric Ripper brochure (pdf)
Xcentric Ripper video (wmv)