TEI Rock Drills, from Colorado, USA, is a world-leader in drilling attachments, limited access drills and hydraulic drifters. Applications for TEI drills include tunnelling, blasting, soil nailing, micro-piling, etc.
With over 30 years of experience in building drills and drilling attachments, TEIÕs rock drills are robust, durable, and easy to maintain.

TEI Drilling Attachments

TEI Rock Drills offers a new and innovative drilling concept based on drill attachments mounted on conventional excavators. The drill attachment uses the excavator's hydraulics and takes only a few minutes to change from bucket or breaker into the drilling attachment.
TEI Drilling Attachments comes complete with internal valves and radio control so the same drilling attachment can be used on many different excavators. And the same excavator can be used for many different tasks like drilling, breaking, mucking, etc.
TEI Drilling Attachment comes in three models that can accommodate hole diameters from 35 mm up to 127 mm, suitable for excavators from 5 ton to 30 ton weight class.

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TEI Hydraulic Drifters and Rotary Heads

TEI hydraulic drifters are known for being very strong, robust and easy to service. The drifter can even be serviced in the field without compromising performance or durability.
All TEI drifters also come with a patented hammer design, which uses an internal damping of the piston when the shank adapter is not fully engaged into the drifter. This minimizes any damage on the drifter from blind firing and thus reducing service intervals and improving durability of the drifter.

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TEI also offers a full range of rotary heads for DTH hammers, all suitable for TEIÕs drilling attachments.

TEI Limited Access Drills

TEI manufactures a versatile line of limited access drills. These drills range from simple man-portable rigs to the powerful TD75 electric/hydraulic drill, and the DrillAll GEO rig for geothermal work and soil sampling.

For more details, please visit TEI Rock Drills' website (www.teirockdrills.com) or download documents to the right of this page.

TEI General Brochure (pdf)
TEI Drilling Attachment MME (pdf)
TEI Drilling Attachment HEM (pdf)
TEI Hydraulic Drifter TE260 (pdf)
TEI Hydraulic Drifter TE350 (pdf)
TEI Hydraulic Drifter TE550 (pdf)