Hycon offers a full range of powerful and reliable handheld hydraulic breakers with highly portable power packs. Compared to pneumatic breakers, hydraulics offers a higher performance but with lighter weight. For instance, a Hycon hydraulic breaker weighing 23kg driven by a 9hp power pack has the same breaking power as a 27kg pneumatic breaker with a large compressor. This allows the same job to be done faster but with lower fuel consumption, lower investment and easier transportation. You can also use the same power pack to operate pumps, cut-off saws, core drills, etc.

Hycon's handheld cut-off saw is one of the most powerful handheld power saws on the market but is still light enough for easy use in all positions. The cut-off saw is available in 3 versions: HCS14, HCS16 and HCS18. All types can be used for to cut all types of concrete, steel, brick wall, asphalt etc., even under water. The tool automatically cuts off if the disc jams so there is risk of injury to the operator.

For more information, please visit Hycon's website: www.hycon.dk


Hydraulic Breaker Hydraulic Cut-off saw

Core drill Water pump

Rock drill

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