STM Construction Equipment is based in Singapore and specializes in providing innovative construction equipment, with superior productivity and safety, to the construction and mining sectors in South and Southeast Asia.

The company was founded in 2010 by Jonas Stahlbage, an experienced equipment specialist for tunneling, mining, rock excavation and demolition, who has played an integral part in introducing many new types of equipment to customers in Asia as well as Europe and the Americas.

After several years in the construction sector in Asia, Jonas Stahlbage recognized that there is a lack of professional distributors who can introduce new technology and support customers through delivery and usage to ensure that the equipment is used effectively.

Whether the equipment comes from Europe, Japan or the U.S., the end-customers are entitled to fast and accurate information and a high level of support.

STM Construction Equipment is aiming at bridging the gap between advanced equipment manufacturers and end-users through close cooperation and partnerships.

Through deep understanding of the application and the customerÕs priorities, STM can suggest a tailor made solution. By involving the manufacturer early in the process, STM can ensure that the right equipment is selected, the customer is professionally trained and the best result can be achieved. STM also believes in providing candid and specific feedback to the manufacturer about local conditions and preferences, which in turn allows the products to be designed to be better suited for local requirements.